Our team’s research spans various theoretical and practical aspects of Machine Learning. We focus on designing and analyzing machine learning algorithms and deep learning techniques. Our secondary mission is to explore applications and advances of novel machine learning approaches in real-time problems.



Two PhD and Postdoctoral positions in Computer Science are available within the School of Computing and Information Science at University of Maine. We are looking for highly motivated candidates with interest/background in Machine Learning, Data Science, and AI to join our group.

The focus of the research will be on the following areas:

  • Deep Neural Network Compression

  • Online Feature Selection of Streaming Big Data

  • Graph-Based and Fast Estimation of Information-Theoretic Measures

  • High-Dimensional Network Structure Learning with Applications in Biology

  • Information Measures in Adversarial Machine Learning

  • Learning Bounds on BER to Improve Deep Neural Network Performance

  • Quantifying and Analyzing the Interaction Content of Big Data Sets


Applicants with background or interest in related research are welcome to apply. If you are interested to join our group please send your cover letter and CV to salimeh.yasaei@maine.edu.


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